Beta Tests

Welcome to the Reputation Beta Program page! If you’re new to this page, read our Beta Program FAQs to learn more about what the Beta Program is, who can participate, how to participate, and other important details.

Beta participation is based on user opt-in into each Beta. To opt in, you need to be a current US customer of Reputation (some exceptions apply). With the opt-in for any of the Betas, you will be added for further communication on other Betas that you may be eligible for.

You must have the primary solution in your contract before participating in its related Betas!

Customer Contacts

Status: Active

Precursor: Admin access to your account; Messaging Inbox enabled

“Customer Contacts” enables you to manage all customer contact information on one place in the platform. This is well integrated with our Messaging Inbox today. Future plans will account for the integration with Social, Reviews, Surveys.

Social in Inbox

Sign up to be added to the participant list. Status: Active

Precursor: Participants must already have their social media pages connected and OAuthed with the Reputation platform. Generally, this means that the participant uses the Reputation Social Suite for publishing. The participant doesn’t need to have access to the Inbox for Messaging, neither will they be given access to Messaging as part of this Beta program.

Users will receive all incoming Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn social posts, comments, and replies as individual conversations in the Inbox. Users can respond to each post, comment, or reply. Conversations can be assigned to users or roles, which will trigger email notifications to those assignees. The Inbox will track the engagement to ensure that each interaction is handled. Interaction handling reports are available by team member, location, and source.

Once generally available, this functionality will replace the existing Social Live Stream’s Reply view.

Location level module management

Sign up to be added to the interest list. (Status: planned for June 2021)

Precursor: Admin access to your account

Today, modules must be enabled at the tenant-level in order for locations to access the module. With this new feature, you will have the option to enable modules at location level instead of your entire account e.g. for Google survey search accelerator,  Managed Review Response.

Reputation Score X multi-location insights

Sign up to be added to the interest list. (Status: planned for Q3 2021)

  • Identify the most common reasons why your score changes across all your locations
  • Find out what are the initiatives across multiple locations that will drive up your company Reputation Score the most
  • Discover insights about why you are ahead or behind the industry benchmark
Reputation Score X targets

Sign up to be added to the interest list. (Status: planned for H2 2021)

  • Our system will recommend a reasonable Reputation Score target that is tailored to each location based on their current score and past growth
  • Location targets roll-up into average targets for custom groups of locations, and all roll-up into a company average target
  • Measure the Reputation Score against the targets for any location or custom groups of locations such as Division, Region, etc.
Automatically create “tickets” and workflows to address business listings issues

Sign up to be added to the interest list. (Status: planned for H2 2021)

Precursor: Business Listings Management enabled and in use today

Automatically create actionable tickets that you can address within the platform to always be in the know on your business listings issues. Allows you to fix listing issues from one place without the back and forth and provides workflow capabilities to ensure listings are corrected promptly.