Beta Tests

Welcome to the Beta Program page! If you’re new to this page, read our Beta Program FAQs to learn more about what the Beta Program is, how you can participate, and other important details.

Beta participation is based on user opt-in into the program. To opt in, you need to be a current customer of With the opt-in for any of the Betas, you will be added for further communication on other Betas that you may be eligible for.

You must have the primary solution in your contract before participating in its related Betas!

Conversational Surveys

Status: Active – No longer accepting new sign ups

Improvement of survey completion rate by utilizing familiar text message environment. Short and frequent, conversational surveys can be deployed to help deliver a true 360-view of the customer’s experience.

Precursor: Survey 3.0 monitoring and responding enabled and in use today as well as existing integration

Messaging Inbox

Status: Active – Sign up to get Beta access

Our messaging solution will allow you to exchange SMS messages, FB Messages and GMB messages with your customers, assign/close conversations, track leads, and analyze metrics all from one platform so you never miss a conversation and addressing your customer’s feedback.
You will also be able to manage all your customer contacts from a single place in the platform using Customer Contacts.

Precursor: For SMS Ideally existing phone numbers that can send and receive text messages. For FB Direct Messages, existing FB connection in the platform. At this point this Beta will be configured for 1 location only!

Improved social post
publisher experience

Sign up to be added to the interest list (Status: planned for Q1 2021).

Clearly understand to which sources and locations post are going out when posting to a large amount of locations/sources. In addition to overall improved experience you will have improved filter capabilities as part of publishing to drill down on locations you’d like to publish to.

Precursor: Social Suite – Publishing enabled and in use today

Automatically create “tickets” and workflows to address business listings issues

Sign up to be added to the interest list. (Status: planned for Q1 2021)

Automatically create actionable tickets that you can address within the platform to always be in the know on your business listings issues. Allows you to fix listing issues from one place without the back and forth and provides workflow capabilities to ensure listings are corrected promptly.

Precursor: Business Listings Management enabled and in use today

Saved views in Actions

Sign up to be added to the interest list. (Status: planned for Q1 2021)

If you are a users of the Actions solution you will be able to save a selection of filters as a view so you can navigate to the same view next time you visit the platform without having to reapply the filters. This is planned to be extended to other dashboards later on.

Precursor: Actions enabled and in use today

Google posts using
Business Listings solution

Sign up to be added to the interest list. (Status: planned for H1 2021)

Business listings users will be able to publish Google posts without needing access to our Social Suite. You will not be able to use any other feature of the social module.

Precursor: Business Listings Management enabled and in use today

Easily switch between different types of feedback

Sign up to be added to the interest list. (Status: planned for H1 2021)

This infrastructure change will allow users that capture customer and employee feedback to easily switch between the different types when analyzing and reviewing the data.

Precursor: Insights enabled and in use today